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Cryo Hypostasis





Code Name: Daleth.  A high-purity Cryo entity.

Research suggests that there are subtle differences between elemental hypostases and other elemental life forms in terms of their physical composition. Perhaps these differences can account for their high level of homeostasis and their almost mechanical movements.

Elemental hypostases are life forms which have completely abandoned their former appearance and structure, making them able to reach the highest level of elemental purity.
Research into hypostases is mainly led by scholars of Sumeru Arcademia, but due to the level of danger that they pose, little of substance is known about hypostasis beyond their scientfic name and code name. 


Elemental creatures who protect themselves from incoming attack with their durable shell. Find an opportune moment to land a blow to their elemental core. At critical moments, they will enter a shielded regenerative state, firing Frostfruits to attack its foes while restoring its own HP. Use Charged Attacks to redirect the Frostfruits back at the Cryo Hypostasis to knock it out of its regenerative state swiftly.