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Azhdaha is a weekly Genshin Impact boss located in Mt. Hulao, Liyue.

Azhdaha Boss Achievements: Defeat Azhdaha in all forms.

An enormous dragon as ancient as the mountains themselves.
In an age that has all but faded from memory, Azhdaha stood shoulder to shoulder with one who ruled over a harbor of stone. In the end, there was conflict between the two. The dragon was banished to a dark  deep underground. In the long years of his imprisonment, his power slowly dissipated. He also became disfigured from the various kinds of erosion that he has been subjected to.

The faint rattling of this dragon lord’s shackles. His deep and angry growl echoes through the bowels of the mountains - memories of a bygone era.


Character Recommendations

  • Zhongli
  • Noelle
  • Ganyu
  • Diona
  • Beidou
  • Xinyan

Shields are important for this boss! When Azdaha deals damage with an elemental attack, it will inflict a powerful Damage Over Time, which can only be prevented by dodging or nullifyng the damage with shields.

Azhdaha will infuse with 2 elements over the course of the fight. Which elements are infused change every week with the weekly reset, and can be seen ahead of time as floating sigils above the entrance to the domain. Tailor your team accordingly to combat this.

Important things to note:

  • Look at the ground for approaching attacks
  • Stay away from the boss when it absorbs energy as it will cause multiple large elemental explosions in a wide area around itself
  • Run away when it goes underground
  • No matter what element the Boss is infused with, Azhdaha will always use the same movements to make attacks.

Azhdaha's elements will not change until the next weekly server reset on Monday.



Azhdaha has 70% Resistance to Geo, 40% to Physical, and 10% to all other Elements.


Slams his head into the ground, unleasing explosions that move in a straight line.

In Phase 2, the damage type will be changed into Pyro. Several fireballs in the air will hit the ground randomly.


Azhdaha slams its body sideways. In Phase 3, the damage type will be converted into Cryo.


Slams its foreleg once and emits three consecutive shockwaves, following up with a final shockwave. Each one pushes players away. In Phase 2, the damage type will be converted into either Hydro or Pyro.


Azhdaha jumps up in the air and drops down, then dealing AoE DMG. This has a huge range so be careful.


If you are behind the boss, he will raise his tail and slam it down.


Performs a quick sweep attack. In Phase 3, the damage will be converted to Cryo, 3 spheres will explode after a short time.


This is used from a distance, the Boss will take a few steps backwards before charging towards you with his horns down.


An attack exclusive to the Geo element. Azhdaha burrows into the ground and will chase you while moving through the ground. This will trigger a massive earthquake. Rocks will rain down for a while. The boss deals damage every time it resurfaces.


A barrage of Elemental-infused stones to the player that will explode shortly after impact. This will produce more effects based on the current infused element in Phase 3.

  • It can explode while releasing small thunder strikes in pointed directions around the boss, dealing Electro damage..
  • It can explode, leaving raining ice shards upon impact, it will deal continuous Cryo damage.

PHASE 2: First Elemental Infusion

When Azhdaha is at about 75% health he will infuse either Hydro or Pyro. Azhdaha can use all of his previous attacks as well as two new ones:


    • Azhdaha slams his legs unto earth and alternates llifting his front legs each slam generating a shockwave. This will occur at least 5 times and end with a large two-legged slam .


    • Azhdaha roars and summons projectiles with a large AoE attack.

PHASE 3: Dual Elemental Infusion

When Azhdaha  reachs 33% Health, he will infuse himself with Electro or Cryo. He will gain two Elemental Infusion. He will also gain an additional 50% Elemental Resistance to the second element infused, this second element will gain a total of 60% Elemental Resistance. Azhdaha will still be able to use any ability from Phases 1 and 2, the abilities will then be infused with the corresponding elements.

He will additionally use the following attacks:


    • Azhdaha burrows underground leaving only his tail exposed. This will generate a powerful AoE attack around it. In this state Azhdaha cannot be killed, but he can still take damage. If his health reaches zero during this state, you will need an extra hit to kill him once he resurfaces above ground.

    • The Boss takes a stance while raising his tail in the air, this then generates multiple projectiles that Azhdaha will fire towards you.