Andrius, Dominator of Wolves, Lupus Boreas





The noblest and greatest of souls, who watches over the lupical of Wolvendom.

When the wolfpack is imperiled, it will emerge in the form of a wold and show forth its fangs and claws.

The wolves of Wolvendom are frightening phantoms to the people of Mondstadt: A blurred shape flashing through the forest, a chilling howl in the indeterminate distance, the creeping sense of eyes constantly naield to their backs...

Humans rarely have the opportunity to lock their eyes with a wold, for this is the law Lupus Boreas laid down for its race.

When the safety of the wolves is threatenend, it will take form of a wolf and show its fangs and claws. It is said that its powers were given to it by an ancient archon.