Someone's Diary IV - Liyue Harbor



A diary left behind by someone in Liyue that tells of the owner’s adventures there.

Book Content

I sold the herbs at Bubu Cottage. Made back everything I’ve lost, plus a little extra. At that rate, if I kept it up, I could buy a house in Liyue within the next few years. Just in time for Dongdong to settle in before he starts school.

If I’d studied harder when I was younger, I wouldn’t have ended up getting involved with those scumbag Treasure Thieves. I also wouldn’t have squandered the inheritance my father left me. This makes me think that I must get Dongdong a good teacher who makes him study hard. That’s the only way he’ll make reliable friends and not end up like his wretched old man. So for Dongdong’s sake, I can’t give up now. I have got to find a way to make a good living.

… That said, I couldn’t get the idea of making a quick fortune out of my head. So I tried my luck at The Jade Mystery. I hadn’t intended to spend any money at a place like that, but the boss, Shitou, was very persuasive… He talked me into putting all my money into it. I didn’t do too badly. I cut open the stone I bought and found it to be higher-quality jade. Then again, that one brief foray into the world of gambling on stones meant that I had to pawn the sickle and the medicine box I’d used for foraging for herbs.

I’m penniless now. Sure, I got some good jade pieces from gambling on stones, but jade isn’t easy to shift. So it looks like I’m back in survival mode again. I think I’ll head overseas and see how it goes. I should try joining the Crux Fleet, here’s hoping Captain Beidou will take me on.

I’ll happily scrub the deck if it comes to it, I haven’t eaten in three days.