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Legend of the Shattered Halberd (V)



"There are many among the military officials who wish to unseal Axis Mundi since the world in chaos would greatly elevate the position and importance of the Martial Artists."

‘They want to wage another War of the Asuras?’

‘He does.’

The tug-of-war between the civil and military officials and the schemes of the past gods once again threatened all of the nine realms!

Book Content

Volume V: Legacy of a Goddess

“Your deeds have saved the people. You are indeed a great warrior.” The crown prince, hands clasped behind his back, walked in circles around Mir, who lay prostrate on the ground.

But Mir was unmoved by his words.

“Hand over the Divine Halberd and you may have the title of Minister of Imperial Banquets. Grand Secretary will be yours too within a decade, if you want it.” The crown prince sat down. “Well? What is your response?”

“A lowly commoner dares not speak till His Majesty permits him to rise.”

“Hmm… but now if I granted you permission to speak, it would be because you had instructed me to do so… We can’t have that! As future lord of all land–”

“Pff. What a charade this is,” said Mir as he switched to a more relaxed position. “The official etiquette of the ruling dynasty does not require kowtowing for an audience with the crown prince. It should just be the regular thrice greeting. I noticed that you were on track to become Emperor, so I thought I’d come and pay my respects. There’s just no need to lord it over me like this.”

“You… you…”

“What about me?” Mir snapped as he stood up. “I will give you half of the Divine Halberd. The Dharani of the fire realm, I will offer to father. Mostly to avoid another situation where we have remnants trying to stir up trouble.”

“Can’t, uh, can’t hurt. As long as the portion I get looks the part it’ll be fine. This is gonna be known as the new national superweapon! Hahaha…”

Mir sat down impatiently right in front of the crown prince. “I don’t understand how you are such a fool when we were both raised on the same mother’s milk!”

“How dare you! I have nothing but respect for Lady Mi serving as my wet nurse. And it’s only because of the virtues she instilled in me that I am able to put up with your–”

“Give the title of Minister of Imperial Banquets to someone who cares. I’m going home.”

The crown prince said nothing.

“How about Weiyang?” Mir chewed his food and acted nonchalant.

“Oh, for the meritorious act of retrieving the swords, she was promoted to Secretary of Ceremonies. She was not implicated in the evil plot by her father, the Imperial Grand Minister. The Minister of Ceremonies and the Grand Secretary both testified. I will see her every need is met.”

Something sounded odd about that.

But that was fine.

She was gone, and his eye was restored. But to this day there was a dull ache, like the phantom pain of a missing limb.