Legend of the Shattered Halberd (II)



Mir, having stumbled onto the journey to retrieve the swords by accident, encountered a huge crisis before the journey had even begun. Imperial Guard and Imperial Escort elites were slain by enemies holding the Ominous Swords. Amidst grave danger, Mir recalled a spell taught by his father. Legend has that, the Celestial Emperor has a young daughter whose name was not known to the world; she now possessed Weiyang’s body and revealed herself. Who would prevail? The wielders of the Ominous Swords who had turned into ferocious demons? Or Mir who could somewhat hold his own in a fight?

Book Content

Volume II: a Matter of Possession

“Yum. Very nice.”

Now that the spirit had possessed her body, Weiyang was of a much sweeter and gentler disposition. She took in a tiny bite of one of Mir’s stuffed pies, but it was too hot, so in an effort to avoid burning her tongue she stuck it out of her mouth and panted for breath frantically. Truth be told, it was all rather cute.

“That came unexpectedly. I need some time to process.” Mir, who had given up one of his eyeballs to appease the spirit, helped himself to a pie and asked, “can you go over it again?”

“Very well. The ‘meteorite’ was in fact a Divine Halberd. It was snapped into pieces by a commoner and made into nine cursed swords - the Ominious Swords. This one is the Sword of Mist, adding in that pair I’ve found three of them to date.”

“And what’s your place in all of this?”

“I was once the daughter of the Celestial Emperor. But I have long forgotten my name. I was in charge of conducting trials and sentencing at the end - a judge, to use your parlance.”

Since the Court of Imperial Entertainments was responsible for sacrifices and offerings, Mir’s father had forced him to learn every last detail and word uttered in every court ritual. And because most rituals involved encounters with bizarre forces and temperamental deities, he also knew a thing or two about how to deal with them. For instance, he knew that deities tended to guard their names closely, for knowledge of a deity’s true name allows a human being to exercise absolute control over them. So he wasn’t convinced this one had simply forgotten her name.

“So the court wants to retrieve the swords to reconstruct the Divine Halberd?” Mir forced himself to entertain the reasonability of this line of inquiry.

“I don’t know. The master of this body knows nothing else. She is just… deeply angry. She wants to prove herself.” Weiyang puts her hands on her chest.

“So what’s the next step? Do I have to perform some sort of farewell ceremony for you?” Mir stroked the bandaged and sightless eye. “And then do I get my eye back?”

“Give me a name.” She raised her head, oblivious to the crumbs at the edges of her mouth.

“Don’t be ridiculous. The imperial civil service examinations are overseen in person by the Emperor himself. How will I claim the title of Minister of Imperial Banquets with only one eye?”

“Well, I have things to reclaim too: The remaining pieces of the Divine Halberd,” she responded. “Otherwise, this world and everything in it is going to burn in hellfire.”

Mir kept looking at her, but did not respond.

“You do not need to go with me. But with the fate of all living things at sake, please allow me to hold on to your eyeball for the time being.”