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Legend of the Shattered Halberd (I)



In ancient times when Axis Mundi was unobstructed, there were nine realms, each a world of its own. The realms of humans was known as the Zhongzhou, while the gods reside in Shenxiao.

At the end of the last calamity, a war between the gods broke out. The God King fell, setting the nine realms ablaze, obliterating all living things. The realms have now been born anew, life again thrives, but the passageway between the nine realms by Axis Mundi has been sealed off.

An all-new graphic novel on the epic journey in search of the God King’s Halberd begins!

Book Content

Volume I: Pressing Official Business

“I am the Great and Glorious General Weiyang, emissary of the imperial court on a royal mission! I demand that you step aside at once!”

“General? So the Great and Glorious is a military rank now, huh? I thought it was a civil office.” Mir responded with not a moment’s hesitation.

Weiyang’s face turned bright red. “Oh!? An ignorant borderland heathen seeks to educate me on the matters of the court!?”

Mir was unfazed. “I would be surprised if they’d overhauled the entire government bureaucracy in the space of a few years.”

Two broad-sword-wielding Martial Artists in Weiyang’s party burst out laughing. “Haha! So ends our grand journey to the capital… The cart finally makes it past a thousand miles of checkpoints, only to get gridlocked like this at some tiny little inn out in the wilderness!”

Qin stared intently at Weiyang’s crimson-colored cheeks before suddenly declaring: “You’re a woman! A female officer disguised as a man!” The claim was accentuated with a prod of his finger.

“An astute observation,” came the response from one of the martial artists. “She is in fact the Secretary of Ceremonies. The two of us are military officers. One from the Imperial Guards, the other from the Imperial Escorts, both versed in polearm and sword. We are serving the office of the Imperial Grand Minister on secondment, and we are here under order to retrieve the Ominious Swords.”

“Although the part about the Great and Glorious Gen… General, haha… Although that’s made up, the bit about being here on official court… uh, business is not,” The other Martial Artist chimed in to say.

The Ominious Swords were something that Mir had heard of. The story was that an iron meteorite had fallen from the sky five or six years ago, and convention dictated that as nature’s treasure it belonged to the imperial family. However, a swordsmith by the name of Feng had taken it for himself and used it to illegally cast nine swords. It was said that the Ominious Swords were cursed by the meteorite and could drain people’s intellect. Naturally, they had caused quite the stir in martial artists’ circles.

“Good for you,” said Mir as he shut the toilet door. 

“It’d be even better for me if you got yourself out from that toilet… now!” Her disguise exposed, Weiyang gave up trying to compose herself and spoke in her normal voice. She sounded more charming than one would expect, given the circumstances.

“Officer Weiyang is a cultured lady of the court. Unlike us, she cannot resolve her pressing official business by simply finding a discrete spot in the wild. Please, hurry up!”

Mir washed his hands and exited the toilet, then sat down at the table with the two Martial Artists.

“It is not at every border town that we encounter one so familiar with court affairs”. The one that seems to be the Imperial Escort sizes up Mir. “Might I inquire as to your personal history?”

“My father, Mi Tingren, was Minister of Imperial Banquets. He was framed for embezzlement of funds intended for the imperial cuisine. He then resigned from his post and returned home.” Mir paused to scratch his chin before continuing, “My old man’s not been himself ever since it happened. I still intend to go back to the court one day and clear the Mi family name.”