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Legend of the Lone Sword (I)


A popular martial arts novel in Liyue Harbor. In a world withour elemental energy or alchemy, a tale unfolds of love and hate between friends and foes. This volume tells of the origins of Jin the Seventy-Second's revenge.

Book Content

A single sword's light pierced the night air, unchallenged by star or moon.
The autumn wind in the mountatins wept aloud, following the whirling dance of the lonesome blade.

Driving wind and falling rain accompanied a single traveler on their journey home.

This person's hair was wild, and his face fierce, and his seemed most fey indeed. His clothes were thin, and he swayed this way and that in the center of the homeward path like one sick or hurt to the quick, seeming more like some ghoul than a living man.

He had been on the path three days. Three days he had gone hungry, and without any sleep.

Three days ago, he had a name, and had a famed sword, and his fallen martial arts school. But now, he only wore sorrow and worry on his brow, which rolled off him, carried by the sudden rain, and onto the mud below, eroding the soil.

Three days ago, that nameless swordsman had started a feud with him, a feud that saw his master and junior buried in the merciless mountain snow as the screaming snow was stained red.

Today he had a new name — Jin the Seventy-Second.
For he was the last of the 72 members of their school.

He did not know how long he had walked, before he heard the sound of carts behind him.

Jin the Seventy-Second shuffled to the side of the road and stopped, asking: "Is your cart headed for Tupi Village?"

The cart driver saluted him and replied: "Few of the carts on this road do not do so."

Jin the Seventy-Second then asked: "Then pray will your cart bear another man?"

The cart driver said: "It could, but you did not ask if I would."

Jin the Seventy-Second did not understand. "If you travel to Tupi Village, why would you not take me?"

"For you are not I, nor I, you," the driver replied.

"What a waste of words."

And no sooner had that been said than the blade left its sheath. The cart driver felt but a single chilling cold, and fell from his cart to the floor without a struggle, never to speak again.

Jin the Seventy-Second was just such a person. Through he had lost everything, even his heart, and his bold brashness had ebbed, he had always hated pointlessly talkative people most of all.

Riding the bloodstained cart, Jin the Seventy-Second departed for Tupi Village.

Finding Location

Legend of the Lone Sword (I) can be found at Wangshu Inn.