Hex & Hound (I)


Sometimes, feelings are like the summer rain, coming out of nowhere and catching you unprepared. A nostalgic summer story set in the age of aristocrats begins right here.

Book Content

As is known to all, the Lawrence clan is a family of considerable notoriety.
The nobles idle away their time, extorting the common fold to furnish their lavish lifestyles.
They lead licentious lives. Under their cruel governance, countless unspeakable crimes are committed against the people.
Although the common folk unanimously resent the nobles' greed, they are powerless to speak a single word against them.

Young Dietrich was a highborn noble.
He hadn't committed any deplorable crimes at his tender age. In fact, his swordsmanship was reputedly exceptional among the noble circles.
If you wished to find something to cavil about, it would have been his short temper and chronic delusion that the whole universe revolved around him. Such traits, of course, are not uncommon among the sons of nobility, so it wasn't of any major concern. However, given that he was born in the the Lawrence family name, it was only a matter of time before he would get drafter into the ranks of the other scoundrels.

It was at this time that the young scoundrel decided upon the first reckless act of his life.
A short while earlier, Dietrich had made up his mind to skip Tutor Damo's discourse on the elements in favor of a bit of fun outside the confines of the city. As he pressed his way through the streets crowded with commoners, his gaze fell upon a young lass with blonde hair and blue eyes.
Dietrich was at a loss for words for the emotions that bubbled in his heart at that moment. The only thing he was certain of was that his heart had never thumped so loudly, or so uncontrollably, within his chest.
"So this must be how dear Mother feels when she sees her kitty."
As Dietrich kept thinking in his heart, he suddenly found himself moving towards where she was standing.

Much to his dismay, the young commoner girl didn't so much an eyelid at him. After making his identity known too her, she didn't display even the slightest sign of any interest.
Convinced that this commoner didn't understand what was good for her, he decided that he would carry her off under the cover of the night.

"Once I take her, I'll lock her away in a cage, just like dear Mother would when her kitty is being naughty."

Finding Location

Hex & Hound (I) can be located in Lisa's library within the Favonius Headquarters.