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Heart of Clear Springs (III)


A legendary tale passed down by Springvale hunters that recounts a promise made between a spring fairy and a young boy.

Book Content

When the wind ceased to blow, the moon’s fractured reflection in the pool was made whole, and the boy heard the fairy’s voice for the first time.
Fairies are tender, sensitive beings beyond the ken of humans, and the boy was deeply taken by her gentle, elegiac voice.

But fairies being tender and sensitive beyond human ken, through his eyes she saw his naked yearning, and the promise that was about to leave his lips. And suddenly, the fairy was afraid.

Mortal lives are strong but fleeting, and the boy must grow, and grow old. Once youth and innocence had faded, how would he treat his elemental descendants. In the twilight of his life, would he blame himself for throwing his life away for a childish promise?

The spring fairy was pure and kind, but she did not understand human love. She had never seen the miracle of humanity, and had merely sat idle through millennia of change. And so, she greatly feared parting.

What humans see as the miracle of devotion, elemental fairies can only perceive as fleeting pleasure. And even the power of fairies cannot reverse the aging of a loved one. The tender fairy could not bear to see that unavoidable day come, and with a kiss she stopped the boy from uttering the words. But the boy, in his promise, mistook her rejection as her approval of his promise.

From that moment, the fairy vowed that she would someday bear to leave him.
And the boy vowed that he would remain by her spring forever.