Heart of Clear Springs (II)


A legendary tale passed down by Springvale hunters that recounts the acquaintance of a spring fairy and a young boy.

Book Content

As he gazed at the fractured image of the moon carried by the water’s ripples, the boy poured his heart out to the spring. From within his words, she learned much of him. And from her silence, he strengthened his belief in himself.

Dimly, the spring fairy understood that there was good in the world beyond moonlight and fruits, and more to darkness than mere clouds. The boy spoke to her of forests and trees, cities and walls, and shared with her his joys, his sorrows and his fears. As she listened to him, she became enamored of this imperfect world into which she had been born.

When the boy grew frustrated at his powerlessness, the spring fairy would gently and quietly wipe away his tears. From them, she grew to understood the world outside the spring a little more. Those tears flowed into the water, and the fairy purified them, turning them into a sweet nectar that brought him sweet dreams. The boy forgot the pain of his waking hours, and met the silent fairy by her spring in his sleep.

Every time that happened, the fairy too would smile, asleep in the pool drenched in moonlight. The fresh dew nourished the boy’s dreams, and the boy’s dream rejuvenated the lonely fairy’s soul.

In those dreams, the spring fairy told the boy tales of the faraway realm of Hydro. She spoke of her sapphire-blue homeland, she sang of the homesickness of exile, and she sighed for separation and belonging. In these dreams, the boy became the one who silently listened, who wept for her troubles, and who rejoiced in her happiness.

Over time, the spring fairy gained the power of speech from the boy’s memories and dreams.

Over time, they became friends who shared all.