Witch's End Time

  • Added In Version: 1.0.0



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Short Information

A timepiece worn by the witch who dreamt of burning away all the demons in the world. The years the witch dedicated to the flames flow within.


A small vessel containing a high-temperature liquid.
It is said to the molten souls of evil spirits.

A special Hydro timepiece given to the Crimson Witch before calamity struck. Back then she was still a maiden, and had not yet embarked on her journey.
One cycle was the time required to finish her study at the Academia.
By the time the countdown ended and she returned to her hometown, its previous owner had a casualty of the crisis.

Her maiden years were over. The Crimson Witch of Flame was born, and with her the era of destruction.
The timepiece bore witness to the days of monsters and the pain they caused, until all were burned away.