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Wise doctor's Pinion

  • Added In Version: 1.5.0
  • Short Information:

    An ominous pinion with edges of unsurpassed keenness. Perhaps it represents an unnaturally uninhibited nature.




"A human is nothing more than a machine of a certain level of complexity."
Thus declared the youth from his lectern in the seedbed of wisdom.
If one were to disassemble a part of this machine and make enhancements to it,
Its performance could be greatly amplified.
With or without a Vision, and irrespective of their physique or combat skills,
"Enhanced humans" would surely display strength far beyond the average.

Despite the risk of being denounced as a heretic and permanently cast from the circle of the wise,
The youth candidly jotted down these thoughts in the margins of his research notes:
I. As anticipated, no research breakthroughs are possible, given the working style of the Academia.
II. Nevertheless, being expelled would be a loss. One needs an environment conducive to research.

Following a trail of rumors of heresy, the first of the Fatui tracked him down...

"Merely an enhanced human? If your great nation can furnish me with sufficient resources and ample time, I could even manufacture that which you would call a god. What say you?"
In the desert that shone bright like liquid gold, he inquired of the Snezhnayan diplomat:
"Will you treat me like the Academia did? Will you call me a monster, a madman?"
"Or will you treat me as my hometown did, and chase me away with pitchforks and clubs...?"

"Good. Then, we are now in partnership."
"As for the matter of your title — what do you say to this..."
Taken completely by surprise by the sheer irony of the title he was given, the young man burst into hysterical laughter