Lavawalker's Torment

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Short Information

Burning sand flows within this hourglass. Despite the intense heat, the sand leave no mark upon the vessel that houses it.


What flows within this hourglass is not regular sand, but burning sand.
Like this burning sand, time flows forward, leaving no trace of its own existence.

The story of the Lavawalker continued even after he had traveled across the Mare Jivari.
It is said that he spent another one hundred years living as a hermit.
But this short retreat brought little relief from his burning torment.

During his time as a secluded sage, the Lavawalker could not bear
the eternal scorch. He crafted this hourglass to mark the passing of time.
As the flames blazed, burning sand flowed endlessly through the hourglass day after day.

Sadly, though the Lavawalker did not fear the scorching flames of the Mare Jivari, he could not quench the torturing flames of time.
The anguish of being left alone without the disciples and family he held so dear burned away at his soul more than any flames could ever scorch his flesh.