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Tiara of Thunder

  • Added In Version: 1.0.0
  • Short Information:

    A tiara worn by those tasked with offering sacrifices in ancient times. Because it harkened to the call of thunder year in and year out, it possesses remarkable resistance.



They say that,
Once upon a time, the people of the land could hear revelations from the heavens directly.
Then, the envoys of the gods would walk among benighted humanity, and the waters ran dry as thunder first pierced the skies.

People enjoyed untold wisdom, and that wisdom was their boon.
Their prosperity brought pride and ambition, and the mind to question.

So they questioned the heavens' authority, and schemed to enter the garden of gods.
And though they had promised to the people divine love, prosperity and wisdom, the envoys of heaven were angry.
For to question eternity was forbidden,
For earth to challenge sky, inexpiable.

So the chief priest who wore the white-branched crown went forth to appease the divine envoys,
And into the deep places he went, seeking the hidden wisdom of the silver tree in the ancient capitol...