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Tiara of Flame

  • Added In Version: 1.1.0
  • Short Information:

    A tiara worn by those tasked with offering sacrifices in ancient times. After being subjected to the dancing sacrificial flames year in and year out, it possesses remarkable resistance.



They say that,
Once upon a time, the people of the land could hear revelations from the heavens directly.
The envoys of the gods walked among benighted humanity then.
The eternal ice had just begun to thaw, and the first fires were still new.

It was a time of great prosperity, when all was left in the hands of such heavenly revelations.
The envoys of heaven said that the world would enter a new and brighter age.
This was predestined, that future immutable.

But would a day come when such wonderful times might come to an end?
To this question the envoys gave no answer. So, the people chose from among them a chief priest,
And adorning his head with a crown of white branches, they sent him out into the deep places of the world,
To antediluvian ruins and long-buried altars of sacrifice, to seek answers and enlightenment...