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Thundersoother's Plume

  • Added In Version: 1.0.0
  • Short Information:

    The feather of a predatory bird that soars through lightning storms. It was said to have been adopted as an insignia by the legendary hero who pacified thunder and lightning.



An insignia made in the shape of the plume of a falcon that soared through the storms.
Its wearer can almost feel the booming of thunder and the heat of a volcano.

Fearing neither the thunder nor the volcano,
the falcon left its plume in the burnt woods.
The Thundersoother fashioned an amethyst insignia in the plume's likeness.
The purple insignia shimmered with light under the gaze of enemies.
On this small object lightning glittered,
as if to foreshadow the downfall of the Beast of Thunder.

Like the falcon, the Thundersoother conquered both thunder and flames,
and eventually beheaded the Beast of Thunder.