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Thundersoother's Heart

  • Added In Version: 1.0.0
  • Short Information:

    A flower that blooms even amidst ferocious thunder and lightning. To this day, it still grants courage to travelers in thunderstorms.



A purple flower plucked in a thunderstorm.
Whoever wears it will no longer fear the thunder and lightning.

This flower blossoms only in thunderstorms, and never withers despite the constant rain.
This is the Flower of Thunder. Kneeling before it, the
Thundersoother plucked it with reverence.

The Thundersoother wore this flower on his chest at all times as he fearlessly faced the thunder and lightning.
Even when fighting the fierce Beast of Thunder, his resolve never wavered.
To the Thundersoother, wearing this purple flower may have been merely an act of whimsy,
but to travelers, the flower was the source of the unfaltering resolve that conquered the thunder.