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Thundersoother's Goblet

  • Added In Version: 1.0.0
  • Short Information:

    The wine goblet from which the Thundersoother, who defeated the Beast of Thunder, once drank violet lightning.



A goblet that once belonged to the Thundersoother.
Perhaps its former owner once used it to drink the thunder.

Mighty as he was, the Thundersoother was a mere mortal with human feelings.
Rage and ecstasy would come and go in a flash, just like the pounding thunder.
This goblet witnessed not only the feats of the Thundersoother, but also his sorrow and laughter.

From this goblet was drunk the wine used in the sacrificial slaying of the Thundersoother's family.
From this goblet came the courage that helped the Thundersoother venture forth into the beast's cave.
From this goblet came the sole source of companionship for the Thundersoother, who spent his final days in solitude.