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Thunder Summoner's Crown

  • Added In Version: 1.0.0
  • Short Information:

    A crown once worn by an ancient shaman who worshiped the Thunderbird. The capricious beast remained unmoved by the shaman's devotion.



In the ancient tribe that worshiped the Thunderbird, elder shamans worn this crown.

The Thunderbird soared through the thunderstorms, raining down
purple thunder and rain.
Ancient tribes feared its powers and thanked it for its blessings.
Shamans were chosen to offer blood sacrifices to it for protection and forgiveness.

The Thunderbird was still a monster that cared not for the worship of mankind.
They knew it not, and regarded the unpredictable actions of the Thunderbird as divine revelations.
Yet thunder was its breath, as were the fates of men.
From the sky, men were no different from animals.

Until one day a song pierced through the roaring thunderstorm.
The song ripped through the clouds, and bestowed upon it, light.