Sea-Dyed Blossom

  • Added In Version: 2.3.0
  • Short Information:

    A soft flower that has taken on the many shades of the capricious ocean. It shines with wondrous colors under the moon's silver light.




A tender flower from the ocean. Its core is adorned with pure pearls.
The songs of Watatsumi Island say that these flowers bloom in the pearl-lit depths.
Steeped in the lovesickness of the diving sea-daughters and the gentle moonlight, they would give off a pearly gleam.

When all the conflicts have ceased, the sea beasts shall no longer weep for their lonesome companions,
And when the moonlight rises over Touzan, the lovely diety shall rise and sing.
"Come sea-daughters, come and see, O people of my heart, for the moon is out tonight."
"Though Touzan might fall this night, the lightning and the storm can never hide the moon's pearly glory..."

The lonesome maiden will sing and dance upon the moon-silver waves.
The divers shall forget the pain of loss, and even the tender flowers will regain their vibrance.