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Survivor of Catastrophe

  • Added In Version: 1.0.0
  • Short Information:

    A lightning-charged feather that still flickers with the wrath of the Thunderbird's cruel retribution.



The lost feather of the Thunderbird enchanted in purple lightning.
It serves as the last witness of the destruction of the tribe.

The ancient tribe held the Thunderbird as its protector. But it rained down thunder upon the tribe.
On one gloomy night, it shared a pure friendship with the lad.
Once it departed, the lad picked up the feather it dropped.

"I shall sing you another tune,
When you come again with thunder and rain."

Driven to madness by the remorse of a promise unkept,
The Thunderbird left the mountain in cinders.
It was hunted down years after, slain as a monster.

Years passed, the burned land revitalized.
The lightning-feather was left buried in the vegetation.
The story of the Thunderbird and the young lad all but perished with the tribe.