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Surpassing Cup

  • Added In Version: 1.5.0
  • Short Information:

    An intricately-made cup. Its appearance betrays nothing of its age to an observer.




He was born with a face fairer than any other,
Destined to a long life and a hollow will.

He was a transcendent being, divinely created, but he was cast aside like worthless dross.
Yet, due to an error that cannot be known, he roused himself from slumber,
And began to wander the mortal realm.

Before the Fatui found him, he had drifted for countless years
And in that time, this is what his experience had taught him:

"I am a 'human' who surpasses all others."
"Even the gods daren't meddle in my fate."
"Neither mortal nor god, nor fate itself, is qualified to be my judge."
"I am free to choose how I wish to spend the remainder of my days."

"Since these mask-wearing people are so fun to be around..."
"I think I'll become one of them."