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Sundial of the Sojourner

  • Added In Version: 1.0.0
  • Short Information:

    A sundial that has survived the ages, always silently recording the cycles of the sun and moon as they pass through the sky.



The traveler pursued fate and the inexorable passage of time.
The troupe that resisted the aristocracy — and their end — could be seen the eternal flow of time.

In the course of a long journey, even the most well-made watch might cease to work.
The only unfailing marker of time was the passage of the sun and moon.
So to chase formless time, the traveler could only pursue light itself.

The great halls of the nobility, and the rebellious troupe with no room to lay their heads.
Both were churned just the same by the flow of time, and both like fleeting dreams raced towards the same destruction.

Under the moonless night sky, the dark shadows drew upon the outlander's tired face.
"The songs are spent like arrows few, to the choir the curtain calls."
"Shall I ever see you smile anew, when the tower in the city square falls?"