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Sundered Feather

  • Added In Version: 2.0.0
  • Short Information:

    This was once the black feather of a certain tengu warrior, and was the treasured souvenir of an ancient swordsman.




Surrounded by the black feathers seized by his onrushing blade, the man who stood on the cusp of becoming a swordmaster...
...Finally caught the girl who had been untouchable for so many years...

"Yikes, that was a close shave. Well done indeed."
"If your sword hadn't been broken by your strength,"
"I would've died here for sure. Well then..."

Teruyo, shall we change the venue for our duel next year?
There are a few place I know of where you can also see the scarlet sakura falling...
As he looked around at the small shrine he had destroyed, holding the tengu's trembling hand,
These words lay on the tip of Doukei's tongue even as he stared at the black feathers that he had sliced off.

"You did touch me, after all. I must admit that this is clearly your victory."

Victory has not been decided yet. Let's meet again next year, he wanted to say.

"Now, you sword can even surpass the speed of a tengu."
"I will never forget a single one of our duels in these past thirteen years."
"But as a Tengu, I have duties to the clan that I must fulfill."
"Thinking back, I changed your name in hopes that you might escape from the curse of the oni bloodline."
"With that war, non-human blood grows thinner and thinner."
"Ah well. We should not covet the happy endings that humans enjoy, after all. But you're different."
"You are now 'Iwakura.' You are no longer the 'Mikoshi' who shoulders the burden of oni blood."

"Goodbye, Doukei, and please forget me."
"Use your sword for the Iwakura bloodline... and open a path that belongs to the Iwakura alone."