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Summer Night's Moment

  • Added In Version: 1.0.0
  • Short Information:

    A pocketwatch that has stopped at a certain point in time.



A small, ornate pocket watch.
The watch seems to have stopped at a certain time of day.
In the ghost stories of Inazuma,
This has something to do with an encounter with something

On the night of the summer festival, as I walked the path to the shrine with the girl I admired,
I heard, only barely, the sound of a lost child's cries.
In that moment of distraction, I fell, spraining my ankle and breaking that pocket watch.

While she ran to look for some ointment,
I tried to make way for the people passing through,
And sat down on a rock by the wayside to rest.
The beautiful mask-wearing woman sat down beside me.
"There are few who know about this spot."
"But it's the best place to watch the fireworks, you know?"

It should have been a dream.
We hadn't met in ten years,
And she had aged not a single day in those years, and yet...

"You've grown so much. Looks like we should pass on the game of
"I've brought wine, though. Let's watch the fireworks together.
What do you say?"