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Summer Night's Finale

  • Added In Version: 1.0.0
  • Short Information:

    A well-crafted wooden dart. It will only stop once it has reached its destination.



An intricately-made throwing dart. It is a common sight during the summer festival.
In the ghost stories of Inazuma,
There is a tale about a meeting between the human and inhuman...

To celebrate my wife's pregnancy, I went to the shrine to give a votive offering.
But for reasons unknown, I went up the mountain with these objects.
The water balloon from when I seven, the fox mask from when I was seventeen,
And a flower that would not wilt in ten or even a hundred years.

Why did I expect to meet her again?
No matchmaker introduced myself and my wife, and we were always short on money,
And it took some time for us to produce an heir,
But our days were still filled with happiness, were they not?

But still I detoured on that mountain road to the place where I'd seen the fireworks with her.
Pulling the bushes apart, I thought I saw her dressed in white, sitting upon that rock.
But when I came forward and looked, it was just a fox sunbathing.
It leaped up at the sound of snapping branches, and fled into the woods,
And like the spots of light that poke between leaves moved by the
breeze, it was gone in a flash.
All that was left was an old throwing dart.