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Stainless Bloom

  • Added In Version: 1.5.0
  • Short Information:

    A hard, blue artificial flower. Its petals shall never wither, nor shall its colors fade.




"You astound me. You have but a human body, and yet you carry such a power within you."
"You claim that you have no tears left to cry, no blood left to shed, but surely this is because you have filled yourself with fire..."
"Though your body has long been covered in scars, fierce flames are all that now may flow, like molten iron, from your eyes and your wounds."
"But we appear to have gotten off-topic. I followed the trail of smoke and tracked you down because I wish to strike a deal with you..."
"Let the flames that now devour you be extinguished by the grace of Her Majesty. What say you?"

The first Fatuus gave power to a young woman in whom the flame of life had all but died,
And in her wild imagination, she saw the line that lay between the corrupt past and a stainless future...

"I understand. Then, let glacial ice take the place of my erased past and extinguish these undying flames."
"Let the darkness of corruption, the pain of the world, and the humans, beasts, and the sin they carry all be purified by silent ice."

But despite this, a pure white flame continued to burn within her heart...

"We share the same goal, you, your Tsaritsa, and I."
"Cleanse the sources of distortion in this world: short-sighted, ignorant gods and the darkness and corruption of the Abyss."
"Good. I will do whatever it takes to become an effective instrument in the advancement of our common cause."
"For even if I dress in pure white from head to toe, the ashes of the dead that have long left their stain on every inch of my being can never be cleansed."