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Snowstorm Memory

  • Added In Version: 1.2.0
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This is a flower of ever-frost, plucked by a pair of gentle hands.
It must have given a certain someone the strength to see winter as a warm embrace.

“This fourth fresco is prepared for you. Your likeness will forever remain on this wall.”
“For the sake of that fresco, and for everyone’s sake, I will pray for you, and wait for your return…”

The maiden stood before a blank wall, and smiling, she pinned a small flower to the hero’s breast.
That was an elegant and unruffled fellow, who would never bat an eyelid, not even in the face of death itself.

The heroism of the Icebreaker was forgotten, buried in the storms of the North.
Since then, the snow has melted — but this flower has not withered.