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Shaft of Remembrance

  • Added In Version: 2.0.0
  • Short Information:

    A demon-slaying arrow of a rather ancient make. It seems to have been preserved with great care by someone, even until the present day.




A demon-slaying arrow used by the shrine for prayers and to drive away catastrophes,
It is said to be capable of pursuing and destroying all demons.

People often say that demon-slaying arrows can drive away evil, but evil is never an objective thing.
Evil often stems from within our hearts, born out of delirious minds that have turned cold and ashen from terror.
Lady Saiguu has been gone for a long time now, and I am no longer that young shrine maiden training at the Grand Narukami Shrine.
Whenever I hold that empty smoking pipe, I can feel that emptiness and dull pain hover over me like a phantom.

Having someone worth missing, losing someone whom I cannot help missing... And time keeps moving like a spinning wheel.
Silent and tranquil, the Lady Kitsune's white form hidden in the deep darkness left a deep impression in the shrine maiden's dreams.
The Great Tengu went into self-imposed exile, enraged at her own incompetence as the Lady Saiguu's protector, leaving Teruyo behind.
Harunosuke left for another country amid the fury of his mourning, while Nagamasa joined the Shogunate to clear the Mikoshi name.
As for the man who taught me archery in the sacred forest and patiently listened to my naÏve promise under the scarlet sakura boughs,
He will eventually return to me, even if he were to be blinded by splattered blood, or turned into a fierce beast by that dark defilement...

I shall save him with our bow and arrows, to keep our promise, which ever veers towards breaking.
I shall destroy evil with our bow and arrows, exorcising folly and needless obsession.

"Come see me, you idiotic problem gambler."
"And don't lose your way this time, Konbumaru."

Still, who won the last throw of the dice...
She touched the bow lightly while pondering such unimportant things.