Lavawalker's Salvation

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Short Information

The feather of a proud phoenix. You can almost hear the sound of its wings flapping in the scorching flames.


A feather plucked by the Lavawalker from a bird that sings amid the flames.
The wearer can almost hear the sound of the bird's wings flapping in the blaze.

Legend has it that there exists a kind of solitary bird that sings in the blazing flames.
People worshiped it as a totem while kings saw it as a sign of nobility.

Donning this feather, the Lavawalker retreated from the outside world.
Alone he came and alone he went, leaving no trace behind.
Since then, people often hear cries coming from the Mare Jivari.
No-one knows if they are the song of the bird or the sighs of the Lavawalker.