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Lavawalker's Resolution

  • Added In Version: 1.0.0
  • Short Information:

    A flower that blooms amidst burning flames. It is said that long ago, a sage once wore it as he walked into a sea of fire.



A flower that only blooms in the burning flames.
The searing pain it causes will make the wearer stronger.

The fiery-red flower shines like shimmering agate.
This flaming flower was once a brooch worn by the Lavawalker.

In the Lavawalker's final days, he said to his people:
"This is the flower that blooms in flames. Until the day that the fires turn me into ashes,
You shall see the glowing embers of this flower shining through the dark smoke."

The people followed the flower's flickering light to the edge of the Mare Jivari.
There they found the blooming flowers — but the Lavawalker was nowhere to be seen.