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Pearl Cage

  • Added In Version: 2.3.0
  • Short Information:

    The shining pearls that the shrine maidens of Watatsumi Island offer up shine eternally and never dim.




To the sea people, the bright pearls that Watatsumi's diety once praised, are priceless treasures.
Only the Divine Priestess had the right to sing the great song themed around those pearls.

Legend has it that the rainbow-hued produced these flawless gems in gratitude for Watatsumi's tenderness.
In latter days, it was even said that the bloodline of the Divine Priestess was originally birthed from these pearls.
Having stepped from her soft, vivid cradle, she and the sisters who danced with the sea and moon were greatly favoured,
For out of his rejoicing and love, Omikami gave unto them beatiful gems that granted them the pure desire to pursue daylight.

In the hands of those whose veins run true with Watatsumi blood, pearls seem to gleam brighter than normal.
Perhaps this is but an ancient tale, the truth of which can no longer be verified.
But it is said that at the point of defeat, the Divine Priestess and the twin sisters exchanged their clothes and concealed themselves withing the endless waves.
Only this bright pearl was lost in the rippling tummult, returning to the silent solitude of the depths.