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Omen of Thunderstorm

  • Added In Version: 1.0.0
  • Short Information:

    A ceremonial cup that holds the blood of the innocent. It is brimming with the thundering fury of the prayers that echo within.



A ritual goblet used by the shamans of an ancient tribe.
It held the blood to be offered to the Thunderbird.

In the seasons when the Thunderbird flew amidst the stormy mountains, a young lad sang without fear.
Attracted to his voice, the prideful Thunderbird landed by his side.

"Curious tunes, tiny human. Afraid not of thunder and storms?
"They said I can bring peace to thunder and storms."

The young lad paused and answered.
The Thunderbird cried but kept its silence.
For his was an enchanting song.

It was the first and last meeting between the Thunderbird and the young boy.
For the next he saw of the boy was when his blood filled the golden goblet on the sacrificial altar.