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Lustrous Corsage

  • Added In Version: 1.2.0
  • Short Information:

    A mantle brooch that has lost its luster. The gold plating that once adorned it was ground away by the wind and the waves long ago.



A corsage whose coloration has been blistered away by the sea-salt wind.
Even a man who wanders the ocean waves,
Has items and memories that he prizes.

The great warship raised its anchor and headed out to sea, and the Chief Mate once more left harbor with the Skipper.
For the Skipper's absurd pursuit, and for his own faded memories,
The Chief Mate hummed a crappy shanty of his own composing,
forming a chorus with the whales and the waves.

"The scoundrel who gave up his family name and the witch who hunted him (never) reached the sea!"
"The wise step-brother who could not be an heir became head at last (or did he?)"

"Words that cannot be sung... Have I also forsaken the truth for illusions?"
"Having lost it all, and given it all up, and then sinking beneath the waves..."

"...Maybe this isn't the worst of endings, after all. Hahahahaha!"