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Lucky Dog's Goblet

  • Added In Version: 1.0.0
  • Short Information:

    An exquisite metallic vessel that was once used to knock out a thief.



Once there was a child favored by fortune from the day he was born. Try as they might, even the most vicious bandits could not lay a finger on him. He became known as Lucky Dog.
The child grew up, and one day in the throes of adulthood he found himself stumbling drunk along the back alley behind the tavern.
Under the starless sky, a vicious bandit prepared to rob Lucky Dog, taking advantage of his compromised state.
But just as the bandit was to strike, a flying goblet hit him square on the forehead, knocking him out cold.
Naturally, this makes Lucky Dog one of very few people known to have benefited, rather than suffered, from being in the vicinity of a tavern brawl.