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Hopeful Heart

  • Added In Version: 2.0.0
  • Short Information:

    A special fortune-telling cylindrical object. The mechanism at the bottom allows one to easily remove all unwanted wish sticks.




A special slip cylinder that the shrine uses for fortune-telling,
It is supposedly infused with good fortune that the kitsune have imparted upon it.

Fortune telling is born from the questions of lost people. Thus, be it good or bad fortune, it will help them navigate their future.
In other words, there are only lost people, and no inaccurate fortunes.
I've learned a lot while studying at the shrine. Now, even someone as dull-witted as I am has learned how to talk like a mighty kitsune.
During this time, even someone as inhuman as the mighty Yougou Tengu has gotten a daughter.
Even that leatherhead Konbumaru has also become one of the Shogun's own Hatamoto, and shall soon marry the daughter of a high-ranking samurai.

"Such a lovely kid. Even the great Yougou Tengu, who used to kill all day for fun, had the mother inside her brought out... just a little."
"Still... the shrine is always missing the liveliness of children. That's not good. Say, Hibiki, how would you like to be a kid again?"

The Lady Kitsune's joke was out of line as always, coming forth with the self-serving scent of sakura wine.

"Aw, Hibiki, why the long face? How about this then? I, the Lady Saiguu, shall tell your fortune for you!"
"Haha, see? See, it's "Great Fortune." "Great Fortune"! You know what that means?"
"It means you took away all the bad fortune slips. Please stop mocking me, Lady Saiguu."
"No... it means that the person you're missing will be lucky enough to become a part of your memories forever."

That's why you have to be strong and must live on for a long, long time.
Even if all the people you cherish are gone, as long as you are still alive,
The time you spent with them will never perish...