Guardian's Clock

  • Added In Version: 1.0.0
  • Short Information:

    A small timekeeping gadget. On moonless nights, it was the only way its former owner could know the time.



The ticking of the clock's hands, the candlelight, and the reams of case notes,
The shadows by moonlight, the blade and black mantle,
These were the constant companions of the lonesome guardian.
But no matter how far he went, there was never enough time.
His superior, carefree and proud, often laughed at his curtness, his unsmiling face, his aversion to fun.

But the guardian was not one to look back on the past — only to the present and future.
Only by reaving every last trace of evil, no matter the means,
Could he ensure that this land that his friend and superior loved could have a future without fear.

Only when he gazed on that maiden in the square,
Could he think upon things he had no time for.

Only then could he think about his own future...