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Goblet of the Sojourner

  • Added In Version: 1.0.0
  • Short Information:

    A plain porcelain goblet that was once brimming with joyous brews.



A lyre has 4 strings.
The days he spent with his comrades in the "troupe" were probably the happiest in his life of wandering.
At first, it was just a chance meeting with the conductor — but for the invisible strings of fate.
First came the girl who used a flute as a sword, and then that fellow Kreuzlied — one by one, the traveler met them all.

In the joyous tavern, the lyrist introduced a maiden he had met by chance to his comrades amidst the singing and dancing.
The drunken traveler strummed the strings and sang in a loud voice.

With them by his side, he would never have to travel alone again...
Perhaps it would be alright to walk with them till journey's end.