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Gladiator's Triumphus

  • Added In Version: 1.0.0
  • Short Information:

    The helmet of a legendary gladiator from ancient times, who would proudly stretch out his bloodied arms to welcome the thunderous applause of his audience.



A helmet of the gladiator adorned with feathers.
To zealous spectators, this helmet was the symbol of invincibility.

The legendary gladiator had fought numerous battles. None had ever stood a chance of survival before his sword, be they human or monster.
On each triumphant day, the champion gladiator would walk
through the gate to a hero's welcome from the adoring crowd.

Only in moments of victory could the slave have a taste of what it felt like to be a master. But the cost of this vain aspiration was for the faint glow of freedom to be shrouded by darkness.
On the day of his triumph, the gladiator finally caught a glimpse of the world outside his cell. He was a step closer to freedom.

But only when his helmet fell down on the arena floor did he and the spectators alike realize that it was all just a farce.
The offering of his petty life made no difference. He would always be a worthless slave in the eyes of his master.