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Gladiator's Nostalgia

  • Added In Version: 1.0.0
  • Short Information:

    No-one knows why the legendary gladiator wore this flower on his chest. It was the brutal warrior's only weakness.



An ordinary flower picked gently by the gladiator's master.
He made a brooch with it and pinned it on the gladiator's chest. It came to symbolize his gentler side.

Before the gladiator became a living legend, he once strolled with his young master in the garden.
The master picked a flower and gave it to the silent slave.
"Not all gifts are given out of benevolence. Sometimes they are nothing more than acts of whimsy."
One day in the far-off future, the gladiator's sly master would say these words to him.

The invincible gladiator finally fell at the foreign girl's feet.
At that moment, he recalled a dream he had had many years ago.
"Such beautiful flowers. I wonder when I'll be able to begin my own journey to see them."
"I'd like to see how beautiful the wild flowers are."