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Gladiator's Intoxication

  • Added In Version: 1.0.0
  • Short Information:

    The golden cup a champion gladiator drank from in ancient times. It brimmed with his glory for years until the fateful day of his fall.



A lavish goblet made of gold. It was a gift from the champion gladiator's master.
From this goblet the champion gladiator drank, be it fine wine or the blood of the defeated.

Another victory for the gladiator. Covered in wounds, he dedicated the victory to his master.
More intoxicating and pain numbing than the fine wine was the victory, honor, and applause from the crowd.

The master allowed him to join the feast and presented him with this goblet.
It was an exquisite goblet, made specially for him. A symbol of how much his master cared.
But the golden chains of vanity had bound the gladiator and the poisonous snake of desire had strangled him.
By pausing to wait for the wine of victory, the gladiator missed his chance to seize a fleeting chance at freedom.