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Gladiator's Destiny

  • Added In Version: 1.0.0
  • Short Information:

    A feather of dreams that soars free like an eagle. At the end of the gladiator's legendary life, this parting gift was left upon his chest by a bird that knew true freedom.



The end had finally come for the triumphant gladiator.
The young challenger paid her final homage to the gladiator.

When the vanity of victory and desire for freedom dissipated into the air like the morning fog,
and when the light of dawn finally shone on the arena through layers of blood-soaked clouds, the gladiator saw a flying bird.

One battle away from being free, the gladiator was defeated by an anonymous girl.
Cries and howls burst out in the crowd like pounding thunder, but the victor refused to humiliate her opponent by execution.
She refused to plunge her sword into the opponent's throat and end his life like that of a slave.

The gladiator's healing wounds were covered with invisible feathers.
He eventually set off on a journey, finally as free as a bird.
His destination was the place where flowers bloom and birds soar.