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Frostweaver's Dignity

  • Added In Version: 1.2.0
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For the outlander who once searched for hope in midwinter on another's behalf,
Even the glass he drank from was carved out of ice.

Drinking bitter wine in this glass would feel like swallowing icicles that stung every inch of one's throat.
Ordinary people would struggle to enjoy this sensation — but the reticent hero relished it.

He was a warrior as silent as the ice itself, blocking the frigid winds that descended from the stars with his body.
But not content with merely being protected, the maiden who painted left the man she admired these last instructions:

"If fear or despair, both of which are within our nature, should crush you, or cause you to never return, then..."
"...Then please, live on. Do not accompany us unto our doom — to languish forgotten in the snow."

Taking another swig of bitter wine to steel himself for the journey, he turned away from the maiden's wet eyes,
And he would set out on an unending pursuit, towards the land of snow and profundity.