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Flower of Creviced Cliff

  • Added In Version: 1.0.0
  • Short Information:

    A flower born of the minerals and rocks of cliffside cracks. The way its petals blow in the wind makes it seem alive. 




A flower that bloomed in a cliff's impregnable cleft.
It is an exquisite life shaped by the essence of Geo.

There is a folk saying that goes thus:
In times of yore, someone told the Lord of Geo that there was no life to be found in barren stone.
Thus did the Lord of Geo command flowers of purest gold to burst forth from the face of an uneven rock.

Perhaps the Geo Archon did once work such a great wonder, Or perhaps this is but one of the many tales that shroud this ancient world.
But the prosperous harbor that grew out of the lifeless mountains, And that braves the raging waves of the Sea of Clouds— Perhaps that was the brilliant flower, after all.