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Feather of Homecoming

  • Added In Version: 1.0.0
  • Short Information:

    A blue arrow fletching imbued with the sentiment of travelers that had once faded into the horizon.



Hope was ripped to shreds by ruthless might, and promises of reunion disappeared like fleeting shadows.
The wandering traveler had once against lost a place to call home.

The condescending evil stole his love's joy,
And the endless conflict ground down his irreverent soul.
Those gentle, playful rhythms of revelry,
Now turned to sharp, icy clangs.

For his comrades, for his best friend, for the tables around which none would again share wine.
For freedom, for life, and for revenge against the evil that had taken her smile.
Thus resolved, the traveler plucked his last string, and fired his final arrow.

As he grew accustomed to life in this foreign land, he gazed up at the azure sky.
Ah, so the sky here was the same as the one back in his homeland...