Lavawalker's Epiphany

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Short Information

A legendary goblet that can withstand extremely high temperatures. It still retains a degree of warmth even though it is now empty.


A goblet that once contained lava. Now empty, it still has a slight hint of warmth.
This goblet once belonged to a sage known as the Lavawalker.
Wisdom flowed from within.

The Lavawalker would toy with the goblet. Even in the blazing heat, it remained intact.
Legend has it that the Lavawalker would drink lava from this goblet as if it were a glass of fine wine.
But while fine wine evaporates in high heat, the wisdom of the sage could withstand a trial by fire.

To the Lavawalker, fine wine was merely a catalyst in the process of producing ingenuity.
Aided by alcohol, even the slightest spark can combust into a brilliant idea.

The goblet was a silent witness to the forging of wisdom amidst the flames.
The moment before the Lavawalker set off on his final journey was when the goblet was filled with the most pride.