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Entangling Bloom

  • Added In Version: 2.0.0
  • Short Information:

    A lovely amulet made from twisted paper cord. It is said to hold the power to make wishes come true.




An omamori crafted using an art known as Mizuhiki.
It is said to have the power to bind wishes and the reasons for those wishes within itself.

Once I learned how to manage the affairs of the shrine under the tutelage of a mighty kitsune.
Back then, I was just a young shrine maiden who had just arrived on Narukami from a small fishing village.
I was duller than a teapot and had yet to lose the obstinate impulsiveness and curiosity of a child,
I was always naively skeptical of the elegant but incomprehensible words of Lady Saiguu.

"Everything in the world is entangled. Hence, illusory visions were born out of concrete reality."
"The so-called omamori cannot make one's wishes come true at all, but they can make them eternal through this entanglement."

The Lady Kitsune couldn't help but break into laughter upon seeing my clueless expression.
She cheerfully knocked my head with her pipe and sneakily changed the subject.

"I suppose you've met your fated one as well, Hibiki?"

"What sort of 'fate' could there be with a rude and reckless brute like that!"

"Oh, is that so?

But darkness engulfed everything in the end.
That "fate," too, was no more.