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Deep Palace's Plume

  • Added In Version: 2.3.0
  • Short Information:

    A down feather with the same hue as coral, said to come from a shrine maiden's ceremonial garment.




In the days when the many clans first saw the light of day,
Omikami chose shrine maidens from among the people of the sea.
In the island-songs of history, the first Divine Priestess was once one of the sea-daughters who collected pearls.

She would come amongst the children, who in their meaningless conflict, lost sight of their future,
And amongst the old who had lost sight of life's beauty amidst ruthless tragedy.
The Divine Priestess comforted the people using her lovely songs and gentle words,
And even amidst the stormy times, the people of Watatsumi saw hope for the first time.

This sea-born feather was said to have come from that Divine Priestess' ceremonial garb.
It was plucked by mistake by a child's tender hand, and was preserved by a fretful person.

Later, when the brave hero and priestesses rushed to their irrevocable sacrifice,
The Divine priestess' ceremonial garment was not lost, but passed fown in memory to the present day.