Crown of Watatsumi

  • Added In Version: 2.3.0
  • Short Information:

    An ancient, intricate crown that was once used by a forgotten clergy member.

    Today, this relic has been enshrined with great ceremony by the people of Watatsumi.




Omikami once selected his clergy from amongst the people of Watatsumi, personally giving them these circlets of office.
But when the age of the martyrdom passed, and the old priesthood passed with it, these lovely crowns were sealed.

The people of the sea sing that these crowns of pearls and coral will never be stained by any dirt.
And thet any who should have the fortune to recieve one were recognized as rulers by Omikami.
The valiant lord known and Touzannou and the twins who traversed the waves freely...
They all had Omikami's tender gaze and favor, and have been immortalized in the islander's songs.
It is said that these rulers once serves as the deity's auxiliaries, guiding the people of the sea to farm, fish, and hunt on their island.
But as the time of destined martyrdom came, a god would fall.

Bearing the hopes and memories that were brought up from the ocean depths, and steeped in a history and culture that are now lost,
These intricate and enchanting crowns passed with their owners into the forgotten rifts.